Observational, Experimental,
Collaborative, Situated
Postdoc at Aarhus University
Critical Environmental Data

The Ethnographic Museum of Pasts and Futures

Workshop / 24h Exhibition
with Cosimo Bizzarri, Giuditta Vendrame, Ruggero Castagnola

Castrignano de’ Greci


The Kastrignàn Ethnographic Museum of Pasts and Futures houses a collection of about 30 objects and artifacts that tell the pasts, presents and futures, both likely and unlikely, of castrignano de’ greci.

The objects exhibited in Kastrignàna were collected, imagined and built at XYZ Lab, a two-week workshop that took place in the baronial castle of castrignano de’ greci, italy.

Castrignano is situated in grecìa salentina, a unique area of southern italy where griko (a variant of greek) is spoken. The museum identity focuses on the intersection of italian and greek language, using the character “kappa” otherwise known as the letter k.

The museum opened for 24 hours on the 31st of july 2014.

editors: cosimo bizzarri, paolo patelli
design: jacopo atzori, aaron gillett
development: ruggero castagnola


yet incomplete