Observational, Experimental,
Collaborative, Situated
Postdoc at Aarhus University
Critical Environmental Data

Redefining Public Space as the Visible Surface of a Playing Field

Opennes. Politics / Practices / Poetics
Malmö University : a living archives publication


Openness has been released in three versions. the collected articles appeared as a series on (1/3).1 next they were made available as a freely downloadable pdf (2/3)2 , and finally as a limited hand bound print run of approximately 30 volumes (3/3). these are iterations on openness comprising 18 contributions existing, to cite jean luc nancy, “between exposed thought and knotty intimacy” within a commerce of thinking (nancy 2009, 3). these 3 versions travel across materialities. they are re-mediated, but to me it feels like a sort of de-mediation – a stripping away – as we moved over time from the digital versions toward the print version. video had to be unspooled into image frames, audio into fragmented text transcriptions. these iterations render nancy’s argument multiple both in form and in voice, without a doubt “born in agitation and anxiety, in the fermentation of a form” (ibid) but not in search of anything as unified as a coherent style or position.

—Suzan Kozel, Preface



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