spatial practice and 
artistic research

collective works

studio—based course
fall, spring

the new school
parsons paris
art, media, and technology (bfa)
fashion design (bfa)
strategic design and management (bba)

how are contemporary beliefs about being-human articulate in the design of shared objects, group spaces, community services, public acts? how do we, individually, integrate complex realities of community into the actions, images and concepts that form our personal identities? how do we, as communities, accept and articulate the needs of individual existence into elements of collective life? what concrete roles, methods and tools for the designer in articulating the public and the private?
this is a team-based, studio course that focuses on the strengths of collective creativity to address a range of socially pertinent issues from environmental concerns to cross-cultural understanding, race and gender equality. projects are combined with discussions centered around team-based professional practices in art, design and design management.
as a growing number of contemporary practices locate opportunities for engagement and societal transformation through the mechanisms, logics and activities of design, we focused on the capacity and agency of aesthetics and form, beyond problem-solving. we traced current and historical tendencies towards design as a ‘critical practice’.

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