Observational, Experimental,
Collaborative, Situated
Postdoc at Aarhus University
Critical Environmental Data

Reset Modernity!

Exhibition Design
curated by Bruno Latour, Martin Guinard, Christophe Leclercq and Donato Ricci



modernity was a way to differentiate past and future, north and south, progress and regress, radical and conservative. however, at a time of deep ecological mutation, such a compass is running in wild circles without offering much bearing anymore. this is why it is time for a reset. let’s pause for a while, follow a procedure and search for different sensors that could allow us to recalibrate our detectors, our instruments, to feel anew where we are and where we might wish to go.

the layout of the exhibition itself offers a set of disorienting/reorienting procedures. no guarantee, of course: this is an experiment, a thought experiment, a gedankenausstellung.


yet incomplete